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PrepSealer BPA-free Tritan Vacuum Container Marinating White (2L, Pump)

PrepSealer BPA-free Tritan Vacuum Container Marinating White (2L, Pump)

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2-pieces set of  Marinating vacuum containers includes:


  • 1 Square food vacuum container 2 Liter/ 8.5 cups
  • 1 Manual pump


About the Product

Keeps Food Fresh 4x Longer - Extend your food’s shelf life by storing them in our vacuum seal containers. The vacuum seal pump removes the excess air inside the storage containers while its lid locks in freshness.

Maximizes Space - Our containers for food can be easily stacked inside a cupboard or fridge. We also included a calendar wheel on the lid of each food container, so you can easily track the storage date.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe - For your convenience, we designed our sealable containers to be compatible with dishwashers. You can also reheat your food in the microwave oven using our storage container. Just remove the lid before heating.

Enhances Marinade Flavors - Marinate your fish, vegetable, and meat in this vacuum storage container. Our vacuum seal storage containers allow the flavors to deeply penetrate into the meat while locking in freshness, which further improves taste.

Safe and Durable Food Containers - We created each food saver container with Tritan plastic, so it’s safe to use. It has “no” BPA and BPS. Our vacuum sealed container is also odor, stain, and shatter-resistant. 

Product Description

Start storing your food in vacuum food storage containers by PrepSealer. Its compact and innovative design keeps food fresh longer while maximizing space.

Designed to Retain Freshness Longer

Our food saving vacuum container retains the freshness of your food 4x longer than regular food containers. It locks in freshness and removes the air from the inside via our manual pump.

Crafted from Safe and Quality Materials

These food saver vacuum containers are safe to use. Made from Tritan plastic, they don’t contain BPA or BPS. They also do not dent easily, even when dropped.


Easily heat your stored food in a microwave oven using this storage container. Just make sure to take off the lid before reheating.

Easy to Clean

You can either hand-wash these vacuum containers or use the dishwasher to clean them. Created from premium quality materials, they don't warp or crack easily. They also retain their color and luster, even after several washes. 

What to Store

You can store the following pantry essentials inside our stackable vacuum sealed containers. They’re equipped with a calendar wheel that lets you easily trace the storage dates.

  • sugar, coffee, herbs, cookies, and cakes
  • salami, garlic, sweet treats, and excess/leftover food 
  • sauces, cold cuts, all kind of cheeses
  • fresh meat, eggs, and cheese
  • fruits and vegetables
  • slices of bread, bagels, and fresh noodles

How to Use

  1. Place your food inside the container and close the lid.
  2. Get the air inside the container by activating the pump until it gets harder to pull.
  3. Once it’s hermetically closed, set the storage date and stack the container into the freezer or fridge.
  4. To open, simply press the silicone valve sideways before opening the lid. 





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