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About Us


PrepSealer is a lifestyle brand that creates unique and multi-purpose home products that will help you save foods, save money and live healthier.

With great partnership of our manufacturer in Europe and South Korea we develop and ensure the highest quality standard in hoping to pursue our mission and value.


So What is our Mission?

We love to PREP and SEAL to save foods!

Did you know that 40% of the food in America is wasted and the average family of four spends  around $1500 on foods never eaten each year?

Our mission is that we want to help families, every household to save foods, and help eating fresh daily. 

We recommend to do meal plan ahead of time, shop with a list, and preserve foods with right choice of food storage for every household because we believe we can make the huge differences to our environment. By doing all little things, we can help to reduce the food wastes, save money and most importantly help to create a healthier life in healthy environment.


Our Community

Our Food saving community and our customers mean everything to us!

We are hearing about the scraps of vegetables were saved, got cooked and turned into beautiful dish instead of being tossed into wastes. We are hearing about fruits, delicate herbs and vegetables staying fresh for much longer in our vacuum container than the ordinary containers so family can save time from going grocery shopping and spend more time together. 

We heard so many wonderful food saving stories and more to hear. We love to continue to share more great ways of food saving with our community.