About Us


About us:

As lifestyle brand and mission driven company, we understand the importance of reducing food waste. Every year, billions of pound of food are thrown away, not only wasting valuable resources, but also contributing to the growing problem of food insecurity.

This is why we have made it out mission to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to help individuals and families save food and reduce waste in their own homes. 

Together, we believe we can make a positive impact on the planet and ensure that every bite of food is enjoyed to its fullest potential.


Founder story:

Hello, my name is Jawon, Co-founder of PrepSealer, and a mom of 3 boys including fur baby. One day I had a sudden wake-up call when I saw how much of our food that had been thrown away because of our busy schedules with 2 kids and business travels as working mom in corporate fashion company for over 20 years. We had to find a better way to solve the problem as we are seeing how food wastes impact the environment as well as climate changes all around the world.

So I started Prepsealer with my husband about 7 years ago with a mission to help families save food, save money and create healthy environment by offering the innovative, and multi purpose food saving products. 

We stand behind our products because we design, develop and test in 3rd party laboratories every food-saving product that we make, and work with only the best manufacturers to ensure and meet our high standards, mission and valve.