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Why Vacuum container?

Keeps all kind of foods fresh up to 4 time longer

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We have purchased several PrepSealer containers. The quality is outstanding and they really do keep fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer than other containers. We are a household of two and we were always throwing away expensive fruits and vegetables every week. That isn’t the case now that we have PrepSealer containers. They are very easy and quick to use. We recommend getting the “electric pump” to really simplify the sealing process. It works great! If you get these containers, you won’t use any other brand.

S. Boyd

We all have enough "tupperware." I was intrigued when I saw the PrepSealer vacuum containers on ABC's Good Morning America segment Deals and Steals. With the time-limited bargain, I thought I would try it. When it arrived, I put the product to the test with my desired project: keeping Guacamole fresh and green overnight. It worked fantastically. The taste, the color, everything about the Guacamole was perfect the next day. So, even without a deal available, I bought one for each of my siblings and nieces and nephew for Christmas. Even the family Millennials were impressed!!

Ann S

Thank You, Prep Sealer for honoring your product. The nipples on my marinade prep sealers were leaking. I just thought “too Good to be True”. I informed the company, they went through what could possibly be the problem. We tried making sure the seal was positioned properly. That wasn’t the case. They sent 2 new nipples. That was it. They seal like a Dream now. Thank you. I love this product. Well done, folks.

Laura S

I always wanted to get one of these and finally did! This food container is easy to use and works exactly as advertised.
It is extremely sturdy and made very well.
I noticed that vacuuming sealing avocados, cheese, and raspberries make the food last much longer and tastes much fresher than if I just put them into a plastic or glass container.
Works great, just what I'm looking for! I will buy it again.

Grace, NY

Food vacuum container really extends the freshness of food so much longer than the ordinary containers. I keep delicate veggies, fruits, cheese, dry nuts, cookies. Just pump out the air until top doesn't open and food will last for weeks!! Just to make sure the rubber piece at center is clean to keep the air stay out. Also good for marinating meat and chicken quicker. I love the quality of Tritan container and highly recommend to everyone!


Chris, NJ

This product is really good for storing food especially marinated proteins. This container keeps my food fresh for longer than any other container I own. It’s really easy to use and keeps my refrigerator organized. Even though this product is on the expensive side, it is well worth it. The product is made with high quality material. I recommend everyone buy this!

Kimberly, MA