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Food Saving Reusable Bag - Variety 10pc (5 Medium, 5 Large )

Food Saving Reusable Bag - Variety 10pc (5 Medium, 5 Large )

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food saving bag


Why Prepsealer Food Saving Bag?

  1. Made in BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalates Free in 3 layers with non-toxic Nylon, and the patented film that keeps foods 3 times fresh longer
  2. Microwave Safe -Use in Microwave no longer than 1 minutes at a time. Leave the bags slightly open when you heat the foods
  3. Dishwasher Safe - you may wash by hand or dishwasher in top rack
  4. Reusable endlessly depending on food type you store ( Less plastic baggies on earth )
  5. Freezer safe, Leak proof, Airtight, and Safe to boil up to 212F degree.
food saving bag

food waste solution


Independent Lab Tested:

  • Buy bulk of produces and store in fridge or freezer for keeping fresh and longer
  • Store leftover foods, or scraps of vegetables such as lettuce, carrots spinach, herbs to reduce food wastes.
  • Keep noodles, flours, dry ingredients fresh longer in pantry
  • Keep breads, bagels, meats, cooked foods, fruits in freezer
  • Use for marinating meats and keep in fridge or freezer


How to Use

  1. Remove all packaging before use. To use, open gently and store food by filling 80%
  2. Remove the excess of air out before closing the zip band on top
  3. Close the zip band tightly and make sure it is completely sealed before storing in panty, refrigerator or freezer
  4. Recommended to store the same type of food in same bag to avoid cross-contamination ( example: Vegetables with vegetables, Dairy with dairy products etc )




  1. Take extra caution handling when they are used in microwave for heating foods
  2. When using Sous vide bag for reheating foods on stove, do not exceed medium boil or over temperature 212F
  3. When using a microwave, the bags should be left slightly open
  4. Do no let bags to be close to direct heat or open flames
  5. Do not force the bags to open and store sharp item. Bags may get damaged


Helpful Tips:

  1. It is NOT recommended to wash produce prior to storing inside of bags. Washing your produce right before cooking or eating will help to preserve its freshness.
  2. If you find moisture builds inside the bags when storing food, you may periodically dry the bags or place a sheet of paper towel inside the bag for best results.
  3. Food Saving reusable bags are top rack dishwasher safe. However, it is recommended to hand wash in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly to prolong the life and beauty of the bags.
  4. Always ensure to dry the bags completely with a soft towel, or set them aside as upside down first and then stand upright to air dry before storing food.
  5. Your bags should be stored in cool, dry and sanitary places at all times.
  6. Do not reuse bags that have been used to store any raw meats or dairy products. You should always follow standard food safety requirements when storing food.
  7. Possible staining may occur with highly acidic or color-rich food such as tomato sauce, Kimchi.
  8. You should not use the bags in microwave if they contain food with high oil content.

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