Korean BBQ Galbi and Bulgogi

Korean BBQ Galbi and Bulgogi

Today, I want to share my recipe how to make the K sauce (multi-purpose sauce)  that is great for Korean BBQ Galbi ( In Korean "Beef Rib" ), Bulgogi ( Korean shredded beef dish ) and Bulgogi chicken ( Korean marinated chicken )  

Ingredient for K Sauce:

you may add onion powder, sugar alternative like soda, kiwi, or pineapple to make more flavorful and this serving size is enough to make 2 different meat dishes. I usually make them and store in fridge for later cooking.

  • Soy sauce 1 cup
  • Water 1 cup
  • blend 1 onion chopped, 1 small apple or pear, 6 clove of garlic, ginger 1tsp
  • sesame oil 3 tbsp, sugar, or brown sugar 1/2 cup
  • 1/2 cup of white wine or any cooking wine and black pepper 1tsp


  1. First, put the ribs in water enough to cover and soak about 1 or 2 hrs in order to take bloods and fats out of ribs
  2. Then rinse with clean water several times and drain about 30min
  3. Meanwhile, make the marinate sauce in bowl with ingredient above. You may put all ingredients in blender and make enough to save for later cooking
  4. Once the sauce is ready, make sure you taste it to check if it is sweet and salty enough. I usually leave the sauce about 30min in room temperature before marinating the meats to make sure the natural sweet flavors come through from onions and fruits before adding more sugars.
  5. Use the disposable gloves to pick ribs and rub the sauce singly and layout in the tray or any containers you have at home.
  6. Once you marinate all the ribs, cover the container and refrigerate over hours or a day before grilling or broiling in the even. If you are marinating Bulgogi, you can put the same sauce into the shredded meats and add the vegetables you like, onions, carrots, scallions, pepper, mushrooms etc when you are stir frying the meats.
  7. You may use the same sauce for chicken kebab or thigh, beef meatball, and steaks for Sous Vide cooking to create different dishes in many creative way.


Soak in water for 1 or 2 hours - tip is to change the water every 30 min.

Drain the water and you will see the meats are little clean looking like this.

Marinate with K-sauce in tray or Lofaho container and cover top and refrigerate for a day to get best flavors. Our Vacuum seal containers help better and quicker marinating and penetrate deeper flavors.

If Summer time, it is the best when you grill outside, but it is okay to use to broil in oven. I just used the oven and broil in high for less than 30 min. Because the temperature is very high, I turn them over quickly once I see grilling on top so don't leave the oven alone:)

I always make enough sauces to marinate Bulgogi or save them in jar for later uses. Food sealer Lofaho can vacuum seal the jar with our AirTop for convenient uses.

Bulgogi in our airtight containers can be kept in fridge for 2 times longer than regular container or you may freeze them for months. When you freeze the meats, make sure you write the date on top cover so you can keep track of freshness.

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