Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day


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Happy Earth Day everyone! I am so thankful for the world that we live in and marvel in the wonders of nature. As the years go by, the Earth suffers more and more from pollution. Glaciers are melting, the ozone layer is depleting, and animals are going extinct. As inhabitants of this earth, we should start asking not what Earth does for us but what can we do to preserve Earth

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations…

- “roughly one-third of food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted”

- “food loss and waste also amount to major squandering of resources, including water, land, energy, labor, and capital and needlessly produce greenhouse gas emission, contributing to global warming and climate change.”

There are many easy ways to reduce our carbon footprint in regards to food!

1. Instead of throwing out your food and creating all of that waste, save it in Tupperware containers or vacuum containers. If you’re ever feeling too lazy to cook but are on a tight budget and can’t order out, reheating leftovers is a great alternative! Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also saving energy!

When cooking, there are always parts of the vegetable that most people don’t use such as carrot tops and onion skins.

2. You could turn these leftovers into a nice vegetable stock and create different dishes like soup or risottowith it! 

3. You could also turn the scraps and create a compost bin. Compost the decomposition of organic materials and are used as a soil conditioner. With this compost, you could create a wonderful backyard garden filled with tomatoes, zucchini, and squash! Your garden will have super nutritious soil without having to spend extra money on fertilizer. All you need is vegetable scraps, a bin, and old newspapers! 

These are three easy ways that you can give back to show appreciation for the Earth we live on! I hope this inspired you to become more eco-friendly. The little things count. Even if your contribution is just something simple like using reusable water bottles or metal straws, it will help! I hope everyone has a great Earth Day and see you in the next blog post ;)

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