Green Press Recycler

Green Press Recycler

Does recycling seem like a waste of time and space because separating refuse takes up a lot more space and makes you walk to the bins a few times a week? Use our plastic bottle compressing device and reduce the volume of your packaging waste.

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The Green Press Plastic Bottle and Can Crusher reduces the volume of packaging waste

The Green Press manual press compresses plastic bottles and cans to a fifth of their size reducing the volume of your refuse by up to 80 %. For you, this means:

  • better utilization of space and having to take the waste to the bins less frequently, and
  • easier recycling and perhaps even a lower refuse collection bill.
recycling waste plastic bottles
Comparison of whole and crushed plastic bottles.

The Green press plastic bottle crushing device is simple to use both at home and at public venues

The press is simple to use and doesn’t require electricity to work. It is made of high-quality materials, which makes it powerful enough to compress all kinds of plastic bottles and cans up of to 2.5 liter in volume:

  • plastic bottles that contained still or sparkling water, juice;
  • plastic containers that held yogurt and other milk drinks;
  • cans that contained juices, carbonated drinks, beer, and energy drinks.

Green Press: a solution to prevent your packaging waste piling up

We recommend that you install the can crusher in the space where you most often leave your packaging waste, for example the basement, garage, or pantry. Public venues can install it near the separate waste collection bins. Mount it with the included bolts and double-sided tape.

How does compressing cans and plastic bottles help reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions?

Let us assume that each resident discards a single non-compressed plastic bottle each day. In a year this amounts to as many as 500 000 000 plastic bottles.

  • Transporting the resulting empty non-recycled packaging would require 5000 lorries transporting 100 000 plastic bottles each.
  • By using the Green Press Plastic Bottle and Can Crusher, the transport the resulting packaging could be accomplished by only 1000 lorries transporting 500 000 crushed plastic bottles.
comparison of transporting whole and crushed waste plastic bottles
It takes 5 times less space in trucks to transport crushed plastic bottles.

Maintenance and cleaning

No special maintenance is necessary. If the crusher gets dirty, wipe it down with a damp cloth.


The crushing component is made of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, the housing is steel, and the protective surface is made of polypropylene.

Dimensions of the Status crusher:

  • height: 50 centimetres,
  • width: 12.5 centimetres,
  • handle: 38 centimetres.
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