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Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100
Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100
Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100
Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100
Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100
Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100

Electric Vacuum Pump - BVP100

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Electric Pump is used for creating a vacuum in Prepsealer vacuum containers in an even faster and more convenient way.

Electrical vacuum pump is designed for everyday use in your home and on the go. It is compact and light to carry with you on picnic, to work or on vacation.

Vacuum seal your containers, jugs or bottle stoppers quicker with our powerful Electric vacuum pump.

Your freshly squeezed orange juice, wine, fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, meat, sauces and other foodstuffs will last 4 times longer in vacuum. 

Set Includes: The Electric Pump, USB Charging Cable


How to Use

  • Place the pump on the valve on the container lid (jug lid or on the wine stopper).
  • Press the On/Off button.
  • The process stops automatically when preadjusted pressure is established.
  • Remove the pump from the valve.

To open the container, jug or bottle, press the valve to the side to hear the air flow. You can vacuum pack foods as many times as you need.



The electric vacuum pump usually needs to be charged before first use. Insert the smaller USB connector (micro USB) into the port at the top of the pump and thelarger USB connector (USB 2.0) into an electric adapter with a USB port.

The pump can be charged by:

  • using an adapter (NOT INCLUDED!),
  • a portable battery (5 V and 1000 mA), or
  • by plugging it into a USB port (USB 2.0) of a computer or a laptop.

In this case the charging speed depends on the USB port’s use: if the USB port is intended for data-transfer only, the battery charging will take longer, and if it is intended for charging electronic devices, the charging will be faster.

It usually takes 2 to 4 hours for the pump to be fully charged.


Maintenance and Cleaning

Electrical vacuum pump can be cleaned with soft wet cloth to gently remove particles of dirt. Do not use abrasive sponges and keep the pump away from running water. Store it in dry place away from heat source.


Electrical vacuum pump BVP100 is made of PC ABS plastic and silicone seal.

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