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International Home Housewares Expo 2018 at Chicago

We were very excited to exhibit 2nd time at International Home Housewares Expo in last March, 2018!

We had a tremendous great feed back and interests in our PrepSealer Lofaho and vacuum films from buyers from all over the world and learned about lot of exciting opportunities, trends and customer's buying pattern in these day.

Because Lofaho has several patents in design and functions in US and Asia market, there is no product like Lofaho which gives the multi-functions in one product.

Our new innovative concept of food storage in our unique design containers offers the consumers the saving time, money and keep food fresher and longer.

The vacuum food sealer function is the 2nd function in Lofaho which cost between $70-$200 if you need to purchase as separately in market.

The last function is handy cord vacuum sealer which is utilizing the hose for varies ways:

1) You can connect the handy cord to regular kitchen blender which turns into the Vacuum Blender. There is a lot of expensive vacuum blenders out in market which cost around $300-$400. Vacuum blending is a new technology, presented to market several years ago. It prevents discoloration of any juices and  minimize nutrients destruction with barrier of oxygen so juices or sauces will stay fresh longer than regular blender.

2) You can also use the handy cord to vacuum the hose vacuum bags for food storage

3) You can use the handy cord to connect with Air-Top for all other rounded shape containers and vacuum out the air to store in fridge so you don't have to buy the expensive containers that can be vacuumed (2 containers about $19.99)

Another great feed back we'd got from the buyers was our quality of vacuum roll and pouch films are the best quality proven with the highest certifications and consumer satisfactions. 

What is coextrusion?

"The process of pressing tow or more materials through the same die to produce a single piece. When multiple plastics are combined, the result can yield properties distinct from those of a single material"

Difference between our coextrusion film and the other company's dry laminated film:

Our coextrusion film does not use toluene solvent which is necessary for adhering heterogeneous films like between nylon and polyolefine that are frequently used as vacuum packaging film at home.

The other company's film brand sealed with dry lamination method that used the toluene chemical solvent. It is probable that the chemical remains on film.